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Welcome to The Laikan Project!

The Laikan Project wiki is a reference for those participating in The Laikan Project roleplay. The wiki provides information about classes, items, and skills. It also includes geography and lore-related material.

Roleplayers can also add in their own character information. Please add your character under the Player category if you are wanting to add it.


Learn about the history of the Aistrex World and the basics of classes, items and skills.

The World

Adventurers can travel through the different continents, terrains and environments on Aistrex. The following list shows the main continents on Aistrex, as well as subcontinents that may be included.

As adventurers explore more of Aistrex, whether it be on land or diving deep to find hidden civilizations, or exploring other planets in the Aistrex solar system, more areas will be revealed.

Continents Available at Launch:

Discovered Areas:

  • none have been discovered as of yet

Planets Available

Magic, and Its Lore

The ability to draw magic from the environment is a special characteristic that the Laikan World has that other planets near it do not. Magic is the mystical energy used by adventurers and a good number of normal folks as well.


During your adventures on Aistrex, you are bound to run into skirmishes and battles with NPCs, monsters and other players. The list provided below has information regarding combat topics.


Crafting is an integral part of the Aistrex economy. There are various Trades an adventurer can delve in to craft their own equipment, or create goods to sell or trade with other adventurers. Crafting in the Aistrex world is a material and time-intensive process, so delegating work to workers, slaves, or using a factory can help speed up production.

Note, that these are primary crafting industries. There are many more that can be found on the Crafting directory.


Inhabitants of Aistrex can form several levels of groups with other participants in the roleplay. These range from small parties to an entire guild or nation.